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How Do We Help Models?

One of the primary reasons The PinUp Academy exists today is to help Models, there's hardly a day goes by where our founders SINderella Rockafella and October DiVine don't receive messages enquiring, "How do I become a Model?" "Where do I start?" and "What advice would you give to someone starting out?"

imageThe truth is to be successful as a PinUp Model requires more than looks alone, to be successful as a PinUp in modern day times requires a lot of hard work, determination and in many instances working for little or no reward, only after this sacrifice will some find the rewards.  Having said this there are many PinUp Models who have a lot of fun doing what they love!

The PinUp Academy exists to help those who desire to be PinUp Models, we lay the stepping stones, provide support and create the opportunities.  So where do we start? When it comes to succeeding as a Model the one thing everyone will agree on is You need a good portfolio, this is your gallery, your chance to showcase your work; at its best!  Yet, this is where so many struggle and fall at the first hurdle.  There is no doubt an in-experienced Model would benefit from using the services of an experienced Photographer; as would an in-experienced Photographer benefit from using an experienced Model.  However, many models starting out don't commission the services of a Professional Photographer and produce self portrait shots or at best poor quality images by amateur photographers, negatively impacting on the quality of their portfolio and there success.  Now please don't get me wrong!  There are some good amateur photographers who are prepared to work 'TFP' (Time For Print) however, you have to be careful with whom you select and remember the Photographer often retains all rights to the images and there use. The PinUp Academy offers a wide range of portfolio services and opportunities to build and enhance your portfolio.

As mentioned earlier "looks alone are not enough", there are many beautiful girls who are unable to transfer their beauty to the camera, like rabits caught in the headlights, they freeze lifeless when placed in front of a camera lens. These ladies would benefit from one of our coaching courses; working with experienced Models we can overcome a lot of the obstacles, breaking down the barriers with various tips and tricks of the trade.

This next comment may be a little controversial however, if you want to succeed as a Model you have to take control of the way you are presented, if you rely on Hair & Make-Up artists to create the look and designers to create the style, you will never really be in control of your image and this is what your income is going to be based on!  Again we use and recommend the services of some excellent Hair Stylists and Make-Up artists however, we also recommend you have the ability yourself, afterall if the make-up artist fails to show for a shoot, who's going to step in?

The Pin-Up Academy offers various packages for ladies who share our passion for Pin Up, whether you are an established model or looking to dip your toe in the water The Pin-Up Academy has a package designed specifically to suit YOU!

Q What makes the Pin-Up Academy stand out from the crowd?

A The Pin Up Academy has been founded as a joint venture between Sinderella Rockafella, October Divine and PinUp Pictures thus the training and advice you receive is from seasoned experts; who remain active within the industry; let our expertise and communication channels propel you to reach your full potential, we offer full training & consulting in the following areas.

  • Hair & Make-up Make-overs
  • Hair & Make-up Tutorials
  • In Front of Camera Posing & Choreography Techniques
  • Professional Portfolio Building
  • Studio & Location Based Photo Shoots
  • Marketing & Brand Building
  • Website & Social Media for Models Packages
  • Website & Social Media Training & Support Services
  • Work Experience & Paid Assignments
  • Model Agency Representation

For further information contact us via info@thepinupacademy.co.uk 

Twitter: @thepinupacademy

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Established by models & photographers for models & photographers... we specialise in garment photography, product photography, model coaching, photography training and promotional services.  

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  • Maria Kirby

    Most amazing experience in my life, felt so comfortable and it is lots of fun, definitely recommend! See you guys again in Feb :) xx
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