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Shooting TF*

What do I get from Shooting TF* 

As many of you already know TFP has become a popular term in photography communities with it defining the arrangement between a model and photographer when collaborating on a photoshoot. Depending on who you speak to TFP can mean time for print, time for pics, trade for print and even test for print, sometimes people like to mix it up and refer to it as print for time PFT, but basically it all means the same. The model and photographer agree to trade their time in return for photos from the photoshoot.

There are many methods available to...

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What are your dreams worth?

time flyCan you believe it's been a month since we released the first edition of "The Role of a Model..."? Where does the time go? But more importantly... what have we or should I say "YOU" done with that time to take you closer to making your dreams become a reality?

The girls; October & SINderella tasked me with writing an inspirational piece for this, our second edition however, I'll be honest with you... this is not the original article you were going to get, as I decided pretty much at the eleventh hour to mix things up and tell it as it is! Some of you might not like what I...

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Established by models & photographers for models & photographers... we specialise in garment photography, product photography, model coaching, photography training and promotional services.  

The UK's no 1 pinup agency providing models, photographers and promotional staff.


  • Haili Hughes

    Not only are Si and October amazingly talented at what they do, they are also so warm, friendly and professional. Their studio is incredible.
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